3 Chicago Bears looking to prove they belong as starters in 2024

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1. Is Braxton Jones playing for his starting job with the Chicago Bears?

The Chicago Bears have a left tackle in Braxton Jones, the question is whether or not he is the left tackle of the future. Most fans would agree that he has been good enough, but also, with the draft capital and cap provided, there is always a chance to upgrade. 

Braxton Jones has ranked 11th amongst qualified left tackles in PFF grade since he returned to the lineup from his injury in week two. However, he graded out 21st in pass protection and fourth in run blocking. 

On the one hand, it is a good thing he is so much better in run blocking with Justin Fields. Still, will the Chicago Bears run the same offense, or would they want to upgrade the pass protection?

This is why the final two games will be big for Jones. A lot of his biggest issues came against Myles Garrett, and while you would like to think he could handle himself against the best, it is also better to see him lose to Garrett than some lesser names, as we saw with Larry Borom.

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If Jones finished the final two games strong and has similar pass protection ability in all of the games, minus his Garrett showdown, he will have shown the Bears and all fans that he has done enough to be the starting left tackle in 2024.