5 Chicago Bears losers from 2023 NFL Draft

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Kindle Vildor, Chicago Bears
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4. Kindle Vildor went from starter to the fringe of the Chicago Bears roster

When the Chicago Bears entered the 2023 NFL draft they had Kindle Vildor starting in nickel looks. Considering the team plays nickel almost as their primary look, Vildor was in for a pretty solid snap count again next year.

That is until the 2023 NFL draft came and went. The Chicago Bears did not draft one cornerback, they added CBs during the weekend. Terell Smith was drafted late enough that he is not given anything. However, Tyrique Stevenson was drafted in round two, and the Bears traded up to go get him. That tells you everything you need to know.

So, Vildor is now down the fourth cornerback and is competing with Smith for that spot. Considering Smith has four years on a rookie deal, and this is it for Vildor, plus Vildor is a Ryan Pace player, and the Chicago Bears very well could be favoring Smith. Beyond that, they have Josh Blackwell, and Jaylon Jones who performed as UDFAs last season. Blackwell has slot experience and plays special teams and may have an inside path to the roster.

Vildor could be the number four cornerback, but at the exact same time he could be the sixth. Even there he could end up competing with Jaylon Jones. You have to wonder if his starting experience could get the Chicago Bears a conditional future pick for him at some point this offseason. This is a big drop from a starter.