5 Chicago Bears losers from 2023 NFL Draft

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Chicago Bears, D'onta Foreman
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2. D'Onta Foreman went from Chicago Bears contributor to a mentor

When D'Onta Foreman signed with the Chicago Bears he thought he had a real chance at a strong workload. That ended up not being the case this weekend. The team drafted Roschon Johnson, and it looks like the younger Texas running back will soon be unseating the old Texas running back.,

It is fair that the Chicago Bears love Johnson mainly because he already is a special teams asset, which provides a floor. Beyond that, he can pass protect, so Travis Homer is in trouble. However, on top of that, he has great size and power.

Foreman was signed mainly to be the power back because that is the skillset that Khalil Herbert lacks. Herbert can hit a big play here and there but does not consistently churn out yards. That job was supposed to be for Foreman. Now, Johnson is lurking.

The reality is that Johnson can handle the role. The issue with Foreman is that he brings little as a pass protector and pass catcher. So, Johnson can do similar to Foreman, plus similar to Homer, while those two are better in their separate roles.

When Homer is out there, they lean pass, when Foreman is out there, they lean run. WIth Johnson, they do not know. This makes it easy to see Foreman starting out with a decent workload, but slowly becoming a glorified goal-line back who is phased out by Roschon Johnson.