The Chicago Bears were all losers in Week 3 versus the Chiefs

What would normally be a normal winners and losers list has turned into a "the entire team and franchise is a loser" rant after the Chicago Bears got embarrassed in one of their worst efforts in recent memory against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Chicago Bears, Luke Getsy
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Luke Getsy has failed to create a competent Chicago Bears offense

There are a few excuses one could give Luke Getsy for the way the offense has looked this year. The offensive line is nowhere near what the unit was supposed to be in terms of who is actually on the field. Many of the offensive players were injured during training camp and preseason so they did not get a lot of key work in. Justin Fields has clearly not individually improved much from last season.

Unfortunately for Getsy, his job as an offensive coordinator is to put together a game plan each week that will utilize the players that are available to the best of their abilities and at the same time hide their weaknesses well. There are plenty of teams with lackluster offenses that have arguably less talent than the Bears do that at least put together respectable games.

The Houston Texans, with a rookie quarterback and so many questions on offense have looked sharp offensively. With great coaching and the right play-calling, they have been able to put C.J. Stroud and the young offense in a position to make plays. Sure, they are 1-2 on the season, but one cannot deny the energy and effort that both sides are playing with there, as well as how good they have looked with Stroud leading the charge.

Nobody is expecting this offense to put up thirty points a game anymore. Last year they had success because they found a way to surprise teams with Justin Fields and utilize him as a do-it-yourself type player. Now that defenses have adjusted to his playstyle Getsy and staff have had no answer. Full stacked box on a second and seven and they chose to run an inside handoff. Then they run play action on third and long. What? Even an average football fan can tell you that is just not a smart plan for an offense. At this point, you just have to wonder what is going on during preparation and during the games when it is time to make adjustments.

This was supposed to be a week where the offense finally opened up and they let Fields make plays. Instead, they played scared once again and played into the strengths of the Chiefs' defense. Obviously, the lack of consistent effort on offense and a shell of an offensive line means that there is only so much Getsy can confidently call, but this was still a failure by him. Just looking at the situational decision-making so far this year it is clear that Getsy has not been able to make the right calls and put his offense in any sort of strategic position. It has led the Bears to be an embarrassment on national television, and at this point, they are the clear leader in the worst team in the league race.