The Chicago Bears were all losers in Week 3 versus the Chiefs

What would normally be a normal winners and losers list has turned into a "the entire team and franchise is a loser" rant after the Chicago Bears got embarrassed in one of their worst efforts in recent memory against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Chicago Bears, Greg Stroman
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The players seemed to have already given up on this season

While the coaching has failed the players, the players are also failing the coaches. They have just laid dud after dud after dud each week this season, and it is almost the perfect complement to the coaching duds that have been laid. The entire team looked like they wanted to quit after the first quarter today. I know it must be so mentally hard to lose so much for so many of these players, but they have to bring the energy on every play.

The trenches especially have been very poor in terms of individual play. Too many lazy rushes by the defensive line and then sloppy and inconsistent play by both sides of the ball as well. The offensive linemen refuse to finish blocks and are losing their reps as soon as the ball is snapped on most plays.

We all know what happened with Chase Claypool and his Week 1 endeavors, but it has been a good portion of the team that has been lacking effort. I am confident there will be a plethora of videos posted around Bears' social media this week showing embarrassing film of players just flat-out losing their reps, no matter which side of the ball they play on. You can see the energy on some plays. We saw flashes last week against the Buccaneers, and early on in Kansas City today. Still, once in a while is not a winning recipe, and it definitely is not a competitive recipe.

The players are sulking around the sidelines and then talking smack to other players and teams during the week. It does not work like that. They have done nothing to earn the right to diss any other team, so that has to stop as well. The players know they have been bad so far, and the only thing that they can control is their effort and their work. Go back and watch some of these receivers in their routes throughout this game. Go watch some of the defensive linemen when it's third down and they need to get to the quarterback. It will not be hard to spot those who have given up on the team.

Nobody is saying it is easy to want to give all that effort to this team. The coaches have done nothing to earn that effort so far this season. There are rumors that players are going to want out very soon if things do not change. I can only imagine the scene inside the locker room after the game today. Still, the players have to do their job. They have basically been the same team each week this season with no improvements or adjustments.

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This team is bad, and that's understandable; but to be the worst team in football and to have regressed from last season, that's a problem. The worst part is there does not seem to be a realistic solution to anything this year, even if they make changes at the top. The questions are already almost too much to think about for Bears fans. It has all culminated in the absolute dud laid by the entire team today.