Which Chicago Bears were losers in Week 11 vs Lions?

The Chicago Bears should have beaten the Detroit Lions in what could have been one of the biggest upsets of the year. They had them on the ropes but poor late game execution and situational playcalling doomed the

Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus
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The Chicago Bears had everyone fooled for a good part of this game. They were firing on all cylinders looking the best they have all season. The phrase Bears fans used to proclaim was "the same old Lions" but it is now the "same old Bears" as they once again cannot figure out how to close out a game. This would have been a potential turning point for this team after one of the best outings as a team we have seen in a long time. Unfortunately, the coaches do not coach to win, but rather to not lose. The Lions were able to overcome four turnovers and capitalize on the shortcomings of the Bears.

Chicago Bears Week 11 Loser No. 1: Coaching

This is specifically towards head coach Matt Eberflus and offensive coordinator Luke Getsy, who both played a major role in the Bears' collapse late in the game. This Chicago Bears team could have found themselves a huge win in the middle of a bad season, a type of win that could have sparked the team for the second half of the year. Instead, the coaches called a soft game with a late lead and played too conservative as they tried to not lose the game.

Matt Eberflus has made numerous questionable decisions over his year and a half in Chicago. It is clear that he does not know how to win games as an NFL head coach. There have been too many close games where the Bears shoot themselves in the foot because they obviously have not been coached enough on how to win an NFL game. We see too many of the same penalties that Eberflus has not been able to fix and then terrible personnel and situational decisions by both him and Luke Getsy.

The Chicago Bears had multiple opportunities to win this game against the Detroit Lions and they decided to play for field goals and then ran two straight "clock burning" handoffs on what could have been a dagger drive for the Bears. Instead, they gave the opportunity to win to the Lions who are coached way better and have a clear gameplan to execute down the stretch. Getsy decided to go with scared and conservative play-calling instead of putting the ball in his best player's hands. This has happened on multiple occasions and it has cost the Bears multiple games.