Which Chicago Bears were losers in Week 12 vs. Vikings?

While the Chicago Bears were finally able to beat an NFC North opponent, this was an ugly game that still resulted in a lot of negatives, especially with the offense that really struggled to score even with ample opportunities.

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The Chicago Bears found themselves on the winning side of one of the worst prime-time games of the season. They were able to beat the Minnesota Vikings on the road on Monday Night Football 12-10, which almost looks more like a baseball score than a football game. There was only one touchdown scored on the night, which belonged to the Vikings. It was an ugly game that the Bears were finally able to close out.

The offense could not get anything going the entire game. While Justin Fields was able to move the ball in some key spots, they struggled on third down and in the red zone because they could not get the ball downfield, and a lot of that is the fault of the timid offensive game plan that was put out there.

Chicago Bears Week 12 Loser No. 1: Luke Getsy

It would not have been surprising if Luke Getsy was fired on Tuesday morning considering how bad the offense looked against the Vikings. While the Vikings do have a frustrating defense, the gameplan of Luke Getsy really handicapped what the Bears were able to do on offense. Once again, he opted to get the ball out of his star quarterback's hands and instead run screen after screen, which the Vikings were able to sniff out easily.

He continues to show a lack of trust in Justin Fields, especially on third downs when they need to push the ball. It seemed like every third down they would use some sort of quick screen to a wide receiver or a bubble play behind the line of scrimmage. This resulted in more field goals and punts and at the same time it kept the Vikings in the game when they should have been blown out.

After the Vikings took a late lead in the fourth quarter it seemed the Bears were once again going to dominate for three quarters and then still fall. The Bears found a way to win, but it is clear that Getsy is holding back this offense. Yes, the Justin Fields fumbles are an issue and not Getsy's fault, but Fields has shown to make plays when it counts, especially in the last two games. Getsy needs to stop being so cautious with him and let him make a play. Running an absurd number of screens and quick passes ended up hurting the Bears more than helping their offense.