Which Chicago Bears were losers in Week 12 vs. Vikings?

While the Chicago Bears were finally able to beat an NFC North opponent, this was an ugly game that still resulted in a lot of negatives, especially with the offense that really struggled to score even with ample opportunities.

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The Bears Offensive Line

The Chicago Bears' offensive line has started to come to life recently as they have gotten healthy and players are finding more consistency in their roles. They came back down to earth against the Vikings as they were not able to do anything at the line of scrimmage. There was no push in the run game which also played a role in how the offense was handcuffed.

Pass protection was not great either. Multiple players got walked back and there were multiple occasions of instant block sheds right after the snap. Teven Jenkins and Darnell Wright were not as dominant which made the flaws of the rest of the line stand out more. The penalties also remained an issue, as multiple holding and false starts continued to hamper drives.

The offensive line has looked better, but they lack consistency. They have yet to learn how to play as a unit, which will hopefully come with more time on the field together. Jenkins, Wright, and Nate Davis will most likely be locks on the starting line next year, with Braxton Jones trying to make his case to be the future left tackle.

They need to find chemistry and a feel for how they play together over the final five games of this season. The elite offensive lines in the NFL play as one "wall", and they gel together with strong communication and discipline. The Bears do not have that upfront yet, and the game against the Vikings showed what kind of work needs to be done in that area.