Which Chicago Bears were losers in Week 14 vs. Lions?

The Chicago Bears were able to hold onto a lead against the Detroit Lions this time as they came away with another divisional win. They were the better team for almost the entire game, but there are still areas of inconsistency that need to be cleaned up if the Bears are going to shoot for a miraculous playoff berth.

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Chicago Bears Week 14 Loser No. 2: Those in favor of the tank

I know I have had some personal conversations with fellow fans who are a bit upset that the Bears are winning games. They had their hearts set on the possibility of having the first two picks in the upcoming draft and having the world at their fingertips this offseason. While having the top two picks would be great for the rebuild, the fact that the Bears are learning how to win and putting together their best football in a while is more enticing, and all fans should be happy with the improved play.

Once the trade was made with the Panthers in the offseason, this year was never meant to tank for the Bears. That is the luxury of having two first-round picks. In an ideal world, the Bears were a competitive team this season, and the Panthers lost their way to the top pick in the draft. The odds of the Bears getting the number one pick look great, and at the same time, the Bears are on top of their game right now.

They will have the opportunity to take the best player in the draft or trade down to possibly acquire another first-round pick. While that is a whole different monster of a conversation, the fact is that the Bears will be picking most likely between seven and thirteen, depending on how their season finishes. Having two top-fifteen picks is a very fine way of adding to this team. A few wins and some competitive football are a small price to pay for a lower second pick in the draft. To those who want the team to lose out, there will still be plenty of top-tier talent available for them in the draft.