Which Chicago Bears were losers in Week 16 vs. Cardinals?

The Chicago Bears did get the job done against the Arizona Cardinals. They won 27-16 and improved to 6-9 on the year. It was not a pretty win and some storylines from this game are on the negative side, but they took care of business against a really bad team at home.

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Chicago Bears Week 16 Loser No. 2: Luke Getsy

Maybe the thing that will save Fields from being replaced as the quarterback for the Chicago Bears is Luke Getsy. He has been so underwhelming as the offensive coordinator this season that it is a valid reason why Fields has struggled at times. It is just a few, and far between when there is a good call by him, and more times than not, we are left wondering why he made a certain decision.

Once again, Getsy got complacent in the second half with a big lead. The Chicago Bears were up 21-0 at one point in this game, and they should have walked away with a sure win. Instead, the team was once again forced to get stops and keep possession late because it was a one-score game before the Bears got a field goal to ice it.

The main reason for this was the offense stalling out and Luke Getsy continuing to get too cute with things. He calls conservative plays instead of continuing to keep the foot on the gas. There were no deep shots or explosive plays in the second half. It was a lot of running which was working and short passing. Then, on vital downs of short distance, too many bubble screens and "creative" out-of-the-box plays are used instead of simplifying things and putting the ball in the best player's hands. The same mistakes keep getting made, and while it did not matter as much in this game, it will next year if he is still around and the Bears are trying to win games for real.