Which Chicago Bears players were the biggest losers from Week 2 vs. Bucs?

After the Chicago Bears fall to 0-2 on the year, there were some duds laid by players this week that need to be talked about.

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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The Chicago Bears could not make the comeback against the gritty Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their Week 2 matchup on the road. They had a chance late in the game when it came down to the Bears' offense putting together a game-tying or winning two-minute drill. Unfortunately, some poor play calling and bad execution down the stretch put a dramatic end to any hope for a comeback win.

The Chicago Bears offense once again struggled to find any consistency

There is obviously a lot of blame to go around. Luke Getsy had a bit better of an offensive game plan, but it folded late in the game him being so insistent on spamming screenplays. Still, the offense looked a fraction better than it did last week, but the same inconsistencies plague this team. Getsy aside, there were some players who stood out for the wrong reasons, and on some plays, there was just no excuse for the poor play.

Chicago Bears Week 2 Loser No. 1: Justin Fields

If anyone reading this is tuned into Bears X, then you will understand the big debate going on during and after this game. Some fans are still so confident in Justin Fields that they will not tolerate any blame being put on him, while others are already moving on to who the Bears should draft next year. Life as a Bears fan would probably be a lot easier if there was a clear side that was right, but unfortunately, he is still in the middle right now.

His performance against the Bucs left so much to be desired. He gave us a taste of what could be with the first drive of the game and the other touchdown drive he led in the fourth quarter, but that is not enough for the player that he is. The problem is that there are valid reasons for his lack of success, but those are quickly fading out. Fields struggles to make a read quickly enough especially if his first one is not there, and he has missed too many open receivers on a consistent basis.

Yes, the offensive line was trash again today, and yes he has to be worried about getting hit all the time. The consistent issue is that when there is blocking, he holds the ball way too long and ends up missing open receivers and allowing pressure to get to him. Combine that with his poor pocket presence today and it led to way too many sacks being taken, and only a handful of those were actually on the offensive line.

Most fans will have noted the two plays where he had D.J. Moore wide open on an out route and refused to throw him the ball and then the seam route from Roschon Johnson who would have had a touchdown if Fields found him. Instead, he ran right into a sack by Vita Vea. This was a perfect example of why he is a loser from this game. He needs to hit those passes. It seems like his confidence in throwing deep is not there, and that could be a coaching or mental thing. Still, if Justin Fields is going to be the quarterback of the future, he has to make defenses pay for mistakes like we see opposing players do to the Bears.