Which Chicago Bears players were the biggest losers from Week 2 vs. Bucs?

After the Chicago Bears fall to 0-2 on the year, there were some duds laid by players this week that need to be talked about.

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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Chicago Bears, Ja'Tyre Carter
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Chicago Bears Week 2 Loser No. 3: Offensive Line

What was supposed to be one of the most improved areas of the team has quickly turned into a really big issue for the Chicago Bears. The offensive line has looked terrible when trying to protect Justin Fields this year, and it has led to the lackluster offense in the first two weeks of the season for the Bears.

Justin Fields was sacked six times today and was pressured on over two-thirds of his dropbacks. Now, as mentioned before, Fields did not help his offensive line out at all today by being quick and decisive with his throws. Still, there are only a few plays where Fields actually has time to make all of his reads. While he failed to capitalize when plays were actually blocked correctly, those were few and far between. Most of the time the Bucs defensive line was able to either pressure Fields and sack him or at least make him uncomfortable.

Just as last week, the Bears are missing key players on their offensive line. Still, no Teven Jenkins, and this week Nate Davis was out for personal reasons. That meant that Lucas Patrick still is starting at center and backup Ja'Tyre Carter started at right guard today. There was not much good to report on from this game, and the lack of success up front has the Bears' offense in a really bad funk.

Offensive success starts with consistency from the offensive line. It is clear that the offensive coaches do not trust the line to hold enough for the team to set up deep shots or effective play action. If this is the trend that is going to continue, there will be a lot more screens and quick passes to the outside in order to combat poor pass protection. As much as Bears fans have hated the offensive calling so far, Luke Getsy has his reasons.


There are multiple factors at play for the Bears' lack of offensive success so far, but the offensive line has made it really difficult for them to actually set up anything that could work downfield. Of course, Justin Fields has made it seem worse because of his insistence on holding onto the football when he should be anticipating open receivers or hitting the ones that are open. Still, the offensive line has been undisciplined in terms of penalties and poor in terms of their mechanics. This problem needs to be fixed and it might not be anytime soon.