8 major changes the Chicago Bears need to make

Heads need to start rolling in Chicago

Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus
Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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2. Tailor the offense to Justin Fields' strengths

Prior to the Bears' final two drives, Fields had thrown just 13 passes. May I remind you, this is a game that got out of hand in a hurry and wound up 34-0 at halftime. This was the game where we were ready to see a change offensively.

Fields needs more designed runs. He needs more play action opportunities (when it actually makes sense). This offense needs to get Fields out of the pocket, starting out under center and allowing him to use his legs with that God-given ability.

Fields is also a quarterback who still has yet to establish rhythm as a passer, and we're in Year 3. We don't see a lot of quick passes, unless they're screens. It boggles my mind that we can't see Fields get some quick, easy passes called to get him into a rhythm and give him a foundation of confidence in that aspect of the game.

Look, it's one thing to go get a guy like D.J. Moore. It's one thing to establish a deep running back room. It's another thing to actually use the weapons around Fields, which we haven't seen done yet.