Time for the Chicago Bears to put these four on the hot seat

Chicago Bears, Luke Getsy
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The Chicago Bears are now 0-2 on the season. They haven't won a game since October 24th of last year. Yep, we are getting close to a full year of losing. The record for consecutive losses by an organization is 26. Right now, the Chicago Bears have lost 12 and things are not looking good for this upcoming Sunday as Justin Fields and company will face off against the reigning Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs.

How many games can Matt Eberflus and this staff lose? On paper, the team is too talented to keep losing. This has me thinking that the coaching staff is the biggest issue. The other issue that many keep to be overlooking is youth. This team is very young. Experience does matter in the NFL, but that excuse doesn't hold much water for this current team. Why? Well, because what we are seeing has been so bad that experience only gets you so far. It's time for a change — maybe multiple changes.

The Chicago Bears should put these four on the hot seat immediately

Alan Williams, DC

I think it is obvious that Alan Williams should be the first one on the hot seat. This team has struggled on defense under his leadership. In 2022, teams averaged 27.2 points per game vs. the Bears. That was the worst in the league. 2023 has not started much better, but there was definitely a difference between watching the defense play under Alan Williams in Week 1 compared to how they played last week under Matt Eberflus. The Packers scored 31 points on the defense in Week 1, yet the Buccaneers only scored 20.

The team blitzed more often with Eberflus at the helm, but to be honest, the defense still did not generate enough pressure and outside of the blocked punt (technically special teams), didn't generate any takeaways. The Chicago Bears' defense was not good in Week 2 vs. the Buccaneers, but there were signs of life. I'm empathetic about whatever Alan Williams is going through that is keeping him from the team, but this situation allowed us to see how unimportant Williams is to this team. Time to go.