Time for the Chicago Bears to put these four on the hot seat

Chicago Bears, Luke Getsy
Chicago Bears, Luke Getsy / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears should put Luke Getsy on the hot seat

If Alan Williams is on the way out, Luke Getsy has to be close behind. Getsy's offensive play-calling has been abysmal this season. When you call three nearly identical inside screen passes in a row, it's easy for a defense to sniff that out. That decision is more to blame for the pick-six that took place with just over two minutes left in the game than Justin Fields' decision to throw the ball.

I have been mentioning it over and over again on my podcast and even on social media, but either of my sons could call a better game than Luke Getsy. Their experience with football, you may ask? Playing Madden.

Someone on social media asked what we would do if we were Luke Getsy. My response was simple. I'd scrap most of the playbook and I'd start by giving Fields two quick reads followed by a checkdown or run. I'd also move up to the box to get a birdseye view. I'd be able to better read the adjustments made by the opponents and adjust my play-calls accordingly. Running the football would also be important as it seems Getsy abandons it too soon. He also hasn't called enough outside-zone runs. Once the opponent starts to cheat into the box, deep shots will be implemented. It's simple.

Luke Getsy and the Chicago Bears have broken Justin Fields. I'm not about to put all of the blame on Getsy, but he deserves the brunt of it. Changing the foot that Fields first drops back with may have had good intentions, but Fields doesn't look natural any longer. He's definitely being over-coached too. Getsy's seat has to be hotter than lukewarm.