Time for the Chicago Bears to put these four on the hot seat

Chicago Bears, Luke Getsy
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Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears must put Justin Fields on the hot seat

As a parent of three, personal responsibility is important to me. It frustrates me like no other when one of my children blames one or both of their siblings to get out of trouble. My oldest makes me even more upset when he hurts himself or messes up on something he's working on and gets upset and blames someone else for his mistake. Well, Justin Fields is not free from fault here. We said heading into this season that he no longer had excuses, yet, we are giving him excuses. Fields has to take some of the blame here and the Chicago Bears should be putting him on the hot seat.

Last season, Fields struggled with making anticipatory throws. He would not throw a receiver open and would only pull the trigger if the receiver had serious separation. He also never seemed to check the ball down. Now, with two games under his belt this season, he seems just as, if not worse, gun-shy. I can tell he's going through his progressions, but at times, he doesn't throw the ball or he doesn't throw it fast enough.

Before the season started, I made it clear that even though I love Justin Fields, Caleb Williams would be my choice should the Chicago Bears somehow land the first-overall pick. Fields would have had to look like a top-eight quarterback this season for me to change my mind. Right now, he's looking like a bottom-eight quarterback. The Bears have to consider another quarterback in the 2024 NFL Draft should the cards play out in a certain way.