4 Chicago Bears who may have already played their last snap with the team

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3. Will Darnell Mooney suit up for the Chicago Bears?

Darnell Mooney has had a disastrous season for the Chicago Bears. He was coming back from season-ending ankle surgery, so it does make sense that he would struggle. 

First, he was slow to get out of the gates. Then, Justin Fields got hurt. Then, he had to shift back to playing with Fields, and all the while, he was not looking back to his old self. Mooney missed week 17 with a concussion. The typical timeline for concussions this year is a missed game and then a return the following week. That may happen for Mooney, but as of Wednesday, he was still in concussion protocol. 

He would have to clear on Thursday and get back to practice if he wants to play. The real question is how bad does he want to. He is concussed, his ankle hurts, and he has to play one more game with a team that is not invested in him during a season where he has no chemistry with his passer. There is little to gain for Mooney from playing and arguably more to lose in terms of his health.

If Mooney can clear protocol, you would expect him to play, but that is not a certainty. Perhaps both sides agree that it is best to move on, and we see a sneak preview of Tyler Scott stepping into his role for another game.