4 Chicago Bears who may have already played their last snap with the team

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2. This could be it for Cody Whitehair on the Chicago Bears 

The Chicago Bears benched Cody Whtiehair in week 11 after he has had a disastrous year with the team. Whitehair ended up popping back onto the field a bit in week 12, and then he played 48 snaps in relief of Teven Jenkins in week 15 before starting again in week 16 against the Arizona Cardinals. 

Jenkins returned in week 17, and Whitehair returned to the bench. Still, his best game of the season was week 16; the Chicago Bears won in dominating fashion, and he was a big piece of it. It feels like that is a good way for Cody Whitehair to go out. 

The Chicago Bears can and will release Cody Whitehair, and they will receive about $9M in cap space by doing so. The decision is a no-brainer, considering he cannot be trusted as a starter at this point. The question for him is whether he will catch on anywhere, let alone with this team next year.