The Chicago Bears are making the wrong decision regarding the Teven Jenkins injury

Chicago Bears, Teven Jenkins
Chicago Bears, Teven Jenkins / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Let me preface this by saying, there is still a chance this is only temporary. However, after news broke that Teven Jenkins could miss anywhere from two to six weeks with calf strains in both his legs everyone and their brother were debating if the starting left guard should be Alex Leatherwood or Ja'Tyre Carter. Well, the Chicago Bears have a different idea and it's rather telling who might stick around on the active roster.

During their first practice after the Teven Jenkins injury, the Chicago Bears moved Cody Whitehair back to left guard and inserted Lucas Patrick at center.

I was on board with the Patrick signing last year, but after watching him play, I'm not thrilled with this decision and I think it is a mistake. Whitehair may not be the best center in the league, but even with his snapping issues, he is an upgrade over Patrick.

Will the Chicago Bears move Cody Whitehair to LG, Patrick to C?

It will be interesting to see how they handle the final preseason game this Saturday vs the Bills. It's possible that Whitehair, who is dealing with a hand injury of his own, was moved to guard because the injury is limiting his ability to play center. The problem there is whoever is going to play left guard should be getting first-team reps and those reps should not be wasted on Whitehair unless he is truly moving back to that position. Early signs indicate this isn't just a temporary solution.

Lucas Patrick has hardly practiced this offseason. He dealt with an injury last offseason that kept him sidelined throughout most of training camp as well. When he did play, he looked awful at both guard and at center -- although, I'll admit he played better at center last year than guard.

Matt Eberflus and offensive line coach Chris Morgan are making a mistake if they plan to move forward in this direction. The fans and media had it right when debating if Alex Leatherwood or Ja'Tyre Carter should get the nod at left guard. Leatherwood has looked the best I've seen since he joined the Chicago Bears. Carter has looked great while manning the right guard position for Nate Davis too. I'd much rather see Whitehair remain at center, while one of those two played left guard until Teven Jenkins returned. Of course, there's still time to add a player as teams make cuts.

My biggest issues with this personnel decision are that Lucas Patrick hasn't shown me anything to think he should be starting in the NFL. I don't like the idea of moving Whitehair from center to left guard and then back again after a short amount of games until Teven Jenkins can return. Where is the continuity?


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