Chicago Bears Mock Draft 4.0: Chicago Bears keep it simple in top 10

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Ricky Stomberg, Chicago Bears
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Round 4, 103 Overall: Ricky Stromberg, C, Arkansas

One area the Chicago Bears missed out in the top three rounds was center. We typically had them taking Joe Tippmann, but if they miss on Tippmann, what is the next option? It may be a little high for someone like Ricky Stromberg in the top 75, but most mock drafts have him available at pick 103.

This would be a nice spot for the Chicago Bears because they could add him into the mix without guaranteeing he will be a starter. If he progresses, or if Cody Whitehair gets banged up, they can make the transition, but for now, it is more of a safety blanket.

If they took a center earlier, there would be real questions about whether Cody Whitehair would be on the roster by the end of the week.

Round 4, 133 Overall: Colby Wooden, DL, Auburn

We highlighted Colby Wooden as a nice fit for the Chicago Bears, mainly because of his versatility. He can move up and down the defensive line, and that is a nice compliment for a guy like DeMarcus Walker. Wooden can rush inside, and Walker outside, then they can stunt, twist and rotate with each other.

The team added some defensive line help already, but that is not enough. However, it does give them the flexibility to take someone like Wooden who can move around.