How the Chicago Bears 2024 NFL Draft could look without Eddie Jackson

After cryptic tweets from Eddie Jackson, it appears the Chicago Bears are going to release him prior to the season. How does that impact the 2024 NFL Draft?

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When players on the Chicago Bears cryptic social media posts, the nation gets put on notice. That was the case with Eddie Jackson, as he was not-so-cryptic about his future with the Bears on social media.

Eddie Jackson hints at Chicago Bears journey coming to an end

With a $18.14M cap hit next season, Eddie Jackson would be sitting as a top 10-paid safety in the entire league— eighth to be exact. At his prime, that's worth it. However, as much as it stinks to type out, Eddie Jackson isn't the player he used to be.

Injuries paired with age make this a really tough business to be great at for a long time. The more injuries, paired with the inevitable aging of humans, make the NFL a business players must strike while the iron is hot. Make as much money as possible in the years your body allows players to play the game, but after that, it can be a rapid halt.

After a third season without being able to play a full season— along with Eddie Jackson's social media posts— his time as a Chicago Bear seems to be over.

Releasing Jackson would save the Bears approximately $12.5M, and even though the Bears are loaded with cap space, it's not a smart financial decision to keep paying someone top-of-the-league money when they aren't at the point in their career anymore.

Bo Jack will be remembered fondly by Chicago Bears fans, but his time with the Bears is likely coming to an end this offseason.

So, how do the Chicago Bears move on from Eddie Jackson in the 2024 NFL Draft?