How the Chicago Bears 2024 NFL Draft could look without Eddie Jackson

After cryptic tweets from Eddie Jackson, it appears the Chicago Bears are going to release him prior to the season. How does that impact the 2024 NFL Draft?

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Chicago Bears, Ryan Poles
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Chicago Bears Mock Draft Preface

In the Pro Football Network's Mock Draft Simulator, NFL fans get to put the hat on as a general manager and draft as if they were in the war room of a true NFL draft. Computer-generated GMs can offer trades, mock drafters can offer trades, and the rest of the draft goes based on probabilities and other mock drafts done in the community.

As has been seen in Ryan Poles' time as the Chicago Bears' general manager, there's no surprise that he likes his draft-day trades.

In this particular mock draft, the Chicago Bears trade down from the No. 1 pick with the Arizona Cardinals. In return for this hypothetical trade, the Bears would receive pick No. 4, 27, 35, 66, a 2025 first-round pick, and a 2026 first-round pick.

To trade down three spots, I was willing to see what these picks could turn into. Mock drafts are meant to experiment. Sure, Caleb Williams is likely the No. 1 pick, but if he isn't, this would be a great haul for that pick if the Bears aren't truly sold on Williams.

That context needed to be added, as it's unlikely the Bears won't draft Caleb Williams. But, if they don't, this would be the type of return it would need to be.