How the Chicago Bears 2024 NFL Draft could look without Eddie Jackson

After cryptic tweets from Eddie Jackson, it appears the Chicago Bears are going to release him prior to the season. How does that impact the 2024 NFL Draft?

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1.27: Jackson Powers-Johnson, C | Oregon

At the tail end of the first round, the Chicago Bears get one of the easiest draft selections they could make. One of their biggest needs is center, and Jackson Powers-Johnson is an immediate starter in the NFL.

Powers-Johnson made his case for being the top center in this year's Senior Bowl, and it's become apparent that he's likely to be drafted sometime at the end of the first or start of the second round.

At pick No. 27, this was an easy choice for Ryan Poles and the Chicago Bears.

He might not catch passes or score touchdowns, but Jackson Powers-Johnson is one of the best players at his position in this draft. He's an absolute physical specimen who was put on this earth to play football in a mean way.

Off the field, he looks like a super nice guy. Once those pads are put on, however, Jackson Powers-Johnson turns massive men into pancakes. He plays the game with a physicality that can't be faked. There's no doubt in the minds of those who have ever watched Jackson Powers-Johnson on whether he loves football or not. It's a resounding yes.