How the Chicago Bears 2024 NFL Draft could look without Eddie Jackson

After cryptic tweets from Eddie Jackson, it appears the Chicago Bears are going to release him prior to the season. How does that impact the 2024 NFL Draft?

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2.33: Tyler Nubin, S | Minnesota

At the top of the second round, the Chicago Bears get their Eddie Jackson replacement in Tyler Nubin from Minnesota. Nubin is a bigger guy, coming in at 6-foot-2 and weighing 210 pounds. Compared to Eddie Jackson coming out of Alabama, however, they're relatively close in size.

Nubin, however, is in a completely different league as a prospect than Bo Jack was.

Tyler Nubin is one of the top safeties in the draft, and it's not surprising as to why that scouts think so. Nubin is a true ball hawk, and for a team that preaches turnovers, Tyler Nubin is well-versed.

Nubin is a five-year player for the Minnesota Gophers, and in that time, he was truly all over the ball.

2019 (FR)
5 games

2020 (SO)
7 games

2021 (JR)
13 games

2022 (SR)
11 games

2023 (SR*)
12 games

0 INTs


3 INTs

4 INTs

5 INTs

6 tackles
(4 solo, 2 assisted)

41 tackles
(30 solo, 11 assisted)

52 tackles
(38 solo, 14 assisted)

55 tackles
(37 solo, 18 assisted)

53 tackles
(34 solo, 19 assisted)

In terms of an Eddie Jackson replacement, Tyler Nubin would fit in perfectly alongside Jaquan Brisker on the Chicago Bears defense. Nubin is more of a zone safety, but he has the skills to play downhill if needed. Whether asked to turn the ball over or make a tackle, he'll be well-equipped to do either.