Chicago Bears Mock Draft: The post-Justin Fields trade era starts with a bang

It has been done. Now, what?

Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams
Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams / Ryan Kang/GettyImages
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What an eventful past week it's been for the Chicago Bears. The biggest question being asked going into the offseason? It's been answered.

Justin Fields was indeed traded. He's now a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers, which means one thing is much more clear for the Bears: it's Caleb Williams time.

The direction of this franchise could not be more clear, at the moment. With Fields now in Pittsburgh and the Bears owning the no. 1 pick, we know exactly what's about to happen.

In this new 2024 NFL mock draft, the Caleb Williams era starts for Chicago

At pick no. 1 overall, the Bears snag their franchise quarterback.

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All of the questions, whispers, rumors, criticisms, reports and drama aside, Caleb Williams is going to Chicago, period. It's as good as done, at this point. The Bears are going to select the league's best quarterback prospect of the last 10-plus years, and it's not even a question at this point.

A lot of the pre-draft talk surrounding Williams has gone in effort to try and tarnish Williams' character and potential as a leader in the NFL. And, while many of those questions are valid, we've also seen every one of his coaches and teammates speak highly of the quarterback when given an opportunity.

The fact is, Williams has that "it" factor on the field. His playmaking ability is second to none in this class, and quite frankly, it's second to none in the last 10 quarterback classes combined. He's often compared to Patrick Mahomes, but for good reason. The magician in him is apparent. He extends plays better than anybody, making something out of nothing on a regular basis.

Now, the Bears have an opportunity to right 100-plus years of wrongs by finally being able to develop a franchise quarterback. Williams could be the first 4,000-yard passer in the history of this franchise, along with being the first to throw 30 passing touchdowns.

I have a feeling he's going to do a whole lot more than that, though.

Now, the big question: what do the Bears do at pick no. 9?