Chicago Bears Mock Draft: Ryan Poles adds another first-rounder, builds up trenches

The Chicago Bears make multiple trades, adding a third first-round pick. Poles ends up with five picks in the top 100 and adds help in the trenches.

Chicago Bears, Michael Hall, Jr.
Chicago Bears, Michael Hall, Jr. / Justin Casterline/GettyImages
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The Chicago Bears shock everyone by trading back into the first round

I have read that some people don't like the idea of the Chicago Bears trading down from nine. They love the idea of this team coming away with two players in the top 10. Although that idea holds some credibility, in this mock draft, Ryan Poles shows how trading down can lead to three first-round picks. Even inside the top 10, teams can find ways to select busts. Brian Thomas, Jr. comes with some of that risk factor, but trading back up into the first gives the Bears another crack at a top-32 player. I like those odds.

The Chicago Bears trade up with the Arizona Cardinals

Bears Receive:

Cardinals Receive:
2025 2nd Round Pick

Not enough people are talking about how Ryan Poles can use some of his 2025 draft picks to move up or add picks in the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft. The Chicago Bears have nine picks next year and in this mock draft, I added a third second-rounder to increase that total to 10.

After the trade with Pittsburgh to move down from nine, Ryan Poles uses that second-rounder (2.51) plus one of his three second-round picks in 2025 to move back up into the end of the first round. Will fans agree with this move should it happen? I think it obviously depends on what player Poles' ends up selecting, but fans should be excited about three players in the top 30.