Chicago Bears Mock Draft: Ryan Poles sticks to his ways and drops a bombshell on fans

Fans are going to be blown away by this bombshell of a mock draft. Ryan Poles sticks to his ways by expanding his draft capital while still drafting a quarterback in the first round.

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Chicago Bears Mock Draft: The Ryan Poles way

The Chicago Bears fan base is making me sad. I wrote an article around midseason that the Chicago Bears will draft a quarterback this offseason. I still believe that, but boy, was I not expecting people to lose their minds with each other. I don't care if you are in the Justin Fields or Caleb Williams camp. I am not against either player. Given the correct situation, both players have rare talents that a good offense could exploit each Sunday.

Most years, the Chicago Bear fans agree on what they want and expect the GM to do each draft season. This year, you seem to have to pick a camp. You are either building around Justin Fields or drafting Caleb Williams and watching the magic happen.

If you read my stuff, you know I am all about what Ryan Poles (or any Chicago Bears GM) would do. This mock draft isn't for you if you are only 100% for either quarterback. The Chicago Bears are selling the No. 1 overall pick to start this mock draft. Why? Because the team isn't good.

People, they finished as the ninth-worst team. That is bad bad. Ryan Poles said he would consider a quarterback at one if that quarterback blows him away. Guess what, Caleb Williams fans, I don't think having a good 2022 season and then regressing in 2023 is the answer. You can compare him to Mahomes all you want if he balled out this past season; game on. 

Mahomes improved each year of college, has size, traits, and more. Poles, to me, means he is expecting a Joe Burrow-like college season ending to stay at No. 1. That is mind-blowing, people. Justin Fields supporters, don't get too excited; he is only here as a stopgap to finish out that rookie contract. The first trade is the Chicago Bears moving back to No. 3. This would be a great spot to draft Marvin Harrison Jr. I can't lie. I would love that, but the New Orleans Saints came with the draft haul.