Chicago Bears Mock Draft: Ryan Poles sticks to his ways and drops a bombshell on fans

Fans are going to be blown away by this bombshell of a mock draft. Ryan Poles sticks to his ways by expanding his draft capital while still drafting a quarterback in the first round.

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Bears, Michael Penix
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2nd Round: Michael Pe(BO)nix, QB - Washington

I wanted the Chicago Bears to draft a quarterback in the first round. Not to replace Fields but to compete with him and see what it would look like in training camp with someone who plays completely differently and who isn't Tyson Bagent (no offense). I was torn between my favorite guy on the board at this time and the second-best guy on the board. As much as I wanted to draft Bo Nix (I technically did), I thought about Ryan Poles' critical factors list for the quarterback position:

  • accuracy
  • decision making
  • arm strength

One of those two has all three of those traits maxed out: Michael Penix Jr. The injuries and age are concerning, but Pennx Jr is the best pure passer in this draft class. There wasn't a thing about running ability that supported Justin Fields, whom Poles didn't draft. There also isn't anything on the ability to extend plays like Caleb Williams. The argument should be over Drake Maye if Twitter (X) wants to get all weird about this draft.

Penix Jr is an older, beat-up version of Drake Maye. I truly believe if the Chicago Bears want their quarterback, it might be Maye. If they elect to roll with the draft picks and fix the broken team, they can grab the left-handed version of Maye later in the draft. Also, imagine having Darnell Wright, known as one of the better pass blockers in the draft last season, now become the blind side protector and Braxton Jones, who excels with run blocking, on the side of the quarterback that teams tend to run.