Chicago Bears Mock Draft: Ryan Poles makes an unprecedented trade, revamps offense

The Chicago Bears need to revamp the offense and Ryan Poles does just that in this 2024 NFL mock draft. However, he does it in a way that many fans would never expect.

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3.77: Javon Bullard, S - Georgia

With the recent rumors about Eddie Jackson not coming back in 2024, the Chicago Bears will need to add a safety or two to the roster. The free agent safety class isn't great, but neither is the 2024 NFL Draft class. There are only a small number of guys I'd be interested in taking and I only gave two of them a first-round grade. In fact, I have those two as late first-rounders. I also only have two safety prospects with second-round grades — although in different tiers. One of those two is Javon Bullard. He is my fourth-highest safety in the upcoming draft class.

Bullard is smart. You can see it in how he plays the game. He is a great coverage safety with ball-tracking skills. Despite his ability to read and make plays on the ball, he hasn't had the type of turnover production that one would like. In 32 games, Bullard only has four interceptions — two in 2022 and two in 2023. Furthermore, his size is a bit of a concern and it shows up in his tackling.

I think pairing Bullard with a true strong safety like Jaquan Brisker could open up the door for Bullard to finally increase those turnover numbers. He has the versatility to play both man and zone coverage. He is the type of player that both Ryan Poles and Matt Eberflus will love because he is a high-energy guy who constantly grinds. You shouldn't expect to see many loafs by Bullard should he end up in Chicago.