Chicago Bears Mock Draft: Ryan Poles makes an unprecedented trade, revamps offense

The Chicago Bears need to revamp the offense and Ryan Poles does just that in this 2024 NFL mock draft. However, he does it in a way that many fans would never expect.

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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Trade - Chicago Bears and Commanders

With Kliff Kingsbury in Washington, it only makes sense for the Commanders to make a strong push to move up from 2 to 1 in the 2024 NFL Draft. Kingsbury sang the praises of Caleb Williams when he was his offensive coordinator at USC. He said Williams was a better prospect than Patrick Mahomes -- the quarterback who just won his fourth Super Bowl.

Ryan Poles is not going to accept just any offer to move down off the first pick in the draft. The return would need to be unprecedented. Unfortunately, some Chicago Bears fans have unrealistic expectations of what unprecedented means when moving down only one or two picks. We discussed what realistic trades at multiple draft slots could look like for the Chicago Bears on the Halas Huddle podcast. I stuck with what I believe to be the best return they can get from the Commanders.

Washington Commanders receive:

Chicago Bears receive:
2025 1st Round Pick
2026 2nd Round Pick

The Washington Commanders give up their second-round pick this year -- technically it's the Bears' pick sent to Washington for Montez Sweat -- plus more to move up from 2 to 1. What makes this trade unprecedented is the future 1st and future 2nd picks that completely throw off the trade value chart in Chicago's favor. This trade puts a second-round pick back in Ryan Poles' pocket, while also securing future draft capital. He will continue to build through the draft. The Commanders take Williams and leaves Chicago on the clock.