Chicago Bears Mock Draft: Ryan Poles makes an unprecedented trade, revamps offense

The Chicago Bears need to revamp the offense and Ryan Poles does just that in this 2024 NFL mock draft. However, he does it in a way that many fans would never expect.

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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Trade - Chicago Bears and Falcons

In what ends up being Ryan Poles' final trade in the 2024 NFL Draft, the Atlanta Falcons call and want to move up a couple of spots. This pick was the Bears' original pick that they sent to the Commanders in the Montez Sweat deal. Chicago received the pick back when making the trade from 1 down to 2. Had Jackson Powers-Johnson (JPJ) been available, I wouldn't have considered the trade. However, JPJ went at the very end of the first quarter in this mock draft. For what it's worth, I don't regret taking Franklin over him at 1.20 for a second.

Atlanta Falcons receive:

Chicago Bears receive:

In this trade, the Chicago Bears move back three spots from 40 to 43. To entice the Bears to move back, the Falcons send their fourth-rounder (109). This is a similar type of trade compensation that Chicago received when moving down from 9 to 13 with the Raiders. This trade is slightly more in the Bears' favor than that trade. A fifth-round pick would have been more "equal" but Poles works a little more magic here.

Adding another fourth-round pick might not feel too important, but when looking to build through the draft, every pick matters. I am of the belief that anyone taken in the first five rounds is important, but look at who was just throwing passes for the 49ers in the Super Bowl -- Mr. Irrelevant. Brock Purdy was the last pick in the draft two years ago. Even undrafted free agents (UDFA) make impacts every year. The draft is a crapshoot and the more chances you have to hit the better.