Chicago Bears Mock Draft: Ryan Poles trades down twice early, doubles up at WR

The Chicago Bears do not have many draft picks to use in the 2024 NFL Draft, but they do have two picks inside the top 10. Ryan Poles is building something he views as special and to do that, he will need to continue to build through the draft. Poles trades down twice to acquire more draft capital but still comes away with a nice haul of talent.

Chicago Bears, Keon Coleman
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Free agency is officially around the corner, but Ryan Poles and his staff need to keep their eyes on the true prize — the 2024 NFL Draft. Rumors are swirling that Justin Fields might be sticking around in Chicago due to his market not being as robust as the Chicago Bears had hoped. Poles wants to do right by Fields, but it is equally, if not more important for Poles to do right by the Bears.

When I put this mock draft together, I had one thing in mind — offense. However, I decided not to make any Justin Fields trades. My reasoning is that I cannot guarantee he's traded, even if that is the most likely outcome. More importantly, I cannot guarantee what round pick the Chicago Bears will net in return. If his market isn't as robust as we were once led to believe, then he may end up only netting a fourth-rounder this year. I'm keeping him if that's the case. Either way, I wanted to get a sense of what the Bears could get in return in the 2024 NFL Draft without a Fields trade.

With Justin Fields still on this roster, it does not stop Ryan Poles and the Bears from doing what is right.

Bears Mock Draft: Ryan Poles drafts Caleb Williams, keeps Justin Fields

1.01 | Caleb Williams, QB - USC

It is pretty obvious that the Chicago Bears are planning to select Caleb Williams with the first pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. Williams has gone from a generational prospect, to a quarterback with many question marks, and back to easily being the best QB prospect in the draft class.

I found myself using the word generational just like everyone else at the start of the season, but I came down from that and have held strong on how I have Williams ranked. He is the top QB prospect in the class, with Drake Maye a close second. However, and I refuse to change my thinking, Marvin Harrison, Jr. is still in a tier of his own as the top prospect overall. His ability to extend plays, keep his eyes downfield and contort his body while making throws from any angle makes his ceiling through the roof. He also brings a strong floor that should keep the Bears a contender even with a rookie QB.


  • Arm strength
  • Ability to make off-platform throws
  • Pocket presence
  • Escapability that leads to off-scripted success
  • Keeps eyes downfield
  • Self-confidence
  • Football IQ
  • Ability to lead receivers with anticipation


  • Holds onto the ball too long at times
  • Refuses to take the short, easy throws

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