Chicago Bears Mock Draft: Ryan Poles trades down twice early, doubles up at WR

The Chicago Bears do not have many draft picks to use in the 2024 NFL Draft, but they do have two picks inside the top 10. Ryan Poles is building something he views as special and to do that, he will need to continue to build through the draft. Poles trades down twice to acquire more draft capital but still comes away with a nice haul of talent.

Chicago Bears, Keon Coleman
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The Chicago Bears trade down with the Cincinnati Bengals

As of right now, the Chicago Bears only own five draft picks. They recently sent a fifth-rounder to the Buffalo Bills for Ryan Bates — interior offensive lineman. The Bears do not own a pick beyond the fourth round. That's not a problem though as this draft class does not appear to be as strong outside of the first 150 prospects as most other drafts. That said, Ryan Poles is building through the draft and has proven to trade down multiple times to acquire draft capital. He does the same with the ninth pick in this mock draft.

Chicago Bears trade 1.09

Bengals Receive:

Bears Receive:

Had one of Rome Odunze, Malik Nabers, or with some crazy luck, Marvin Harrison, Jr. fallen to the Bears at nine, then I would have taken one of them. Those three receivers are easily the best of the WR draft class. I also would have considered taking Joe Alt had he been there, only because I value the left tackle position highly and I'm fine with upgrading Braxton Jones with a left tackle I think will become elite. Jones, unfortunately, will never be elite.

Moving down allows Ryan Poles to add not only a second-round pick but also a fifth-rounder inside the top 150. Sitting at nine, I thought about taking a defensive end or Olu Fashanu. I don't value Fashanu as highly as Alt and therefore I felt that trading down was the better value. With how much the team has invested into the defensive side of the ball lately, I also felt like defensive end wasn't the move either. Trading down gives them a second-round pick since they used their 2024 second-rounder in the trade for Montez Sweat last October.

This wasn't the end though.