Chicago Bears Mock Draft: Top 9 picks in 2023 NFL Draft

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Chicago bears, Will Levis
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4. Indianapolis Colts: Will Levis, QB, Kentucky

As we noted, the Indianapolis Colts are taking a quarterback. It is hard to think that they would be in this spot and not take one, even if they take the fourth passer left. As noted, the gap from the fourth guy to the fifth is big, and if the Colts do not take the fourth guy, they essentially will not enter the season with a legitimate starting quarterback.

In most cases, a team will trade up to three, and then the Colts take the fourth guy. With the Cardinals taking Will Anderson, the Colts now get a choice. We go with Will Levis, who has all of the traits that Chris Ballard loves.

Anthony Richardson is rising up boards, but the thought is that either someone likes him so much that he will not fall to four. He will be traded for. Or, his hype went from last first to top ten, and he is not a top-five pick. He will go closer to where Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes went in the 7-10 range.

This leaves the Colts to take Will Levis, who is more likely to earn the starting spot by week one.