5 most hated Chicago Bears players of all-time

Who did Bears fans love to hate the most during their time in Chicago?

Chicago Bears, Chris Conte
Chicago Bears, Chris Conte / Jonathan Daniel/GettyImages
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Over the course of the Chicago Bears' recent history, they have had a good amount of players cause fans to lose hair, suffer anxiety attacks and quite possibly break a TV or two.

Which players above them all, though, have caused fans the most anguish? The list could be lengthy, but let's go back into recent history and talk about our top five.

We'll kick it off with a guy who came into the league as a seventh-round pick back in 2010 and couldn't have stopped a nose bleed with a truckload of kleenex.

5. J'Marcus Webb

How J'Marcus Webb lasted 10 years in the NFL is beyond me, because the first three he spent in the NFL, with the Bears, he might have been the worst offensive tackle in the entire league. Webb was an absolute monster of a human at 6-foot-7, 320 pounds.

But, the problem was, he simply wasn't any good. He spent three seasons attempting to block for Jay Cutler (who some might also put on this list, and I have no idea why). And, that's about as good as it got for Webb: an attempt.

Webb couldn't block a fourth-grade C-team point guard in a game of pickup basketball, folks. Bears fans who watched him play will remember exactly what I'm talking about. Did it ever occur to anybody that this guy might have been a seventh-round pick for a reason?

Of course not, which is why the team stuck with him as their starting left tackle for three miserable seasons.

One more thing: He also couldn't stand the heat on social media. Fans called him out plenty of times, and he would often fire back out of sheer insecurity.