5 most hated Chicago Bears players of all-time

Who did Bears fans love to hate the most during their time in Chicago?

Chicago Bears, Chris Conte
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4. Shea McClelllin

Remember when the Bears took Shea McClellin in the first round back in the 2012 NFL Draft? The Boise State product came into the league as somewhat of a project, yet Chicago decided to make him a first rounder.

All the way leading up to the Combine, McClellin was a Day 2 prospect at best -- and that's being generous. Following the Combine, though, his stock rose for some reason. It was the perfect example of a player rising solely based on Combine performance and interviews.

The Bears also ran a 4-3 defense, which McClellin had no business participating in. He was an outside linebacker, not a defensive end. He was far too small to play there, but that's exactly where the Bears decided to play him.

Ultimately, McClellin wouldn't have left such a sour taste in fans' mouths if he had been a third or fourth-round selection. But the fact that he went 19th overall? That flipped the narrative big time. Over his four seasons with the Bears, McClellin only totaled 7.5 sacks, with his best season coming in his second year, putting up 4.0.

He would go on to play one year for the Patriots before his career came to a hault.