3 more moves Bears can make to give Caleb Williams everything he needs

We know he's the pick, so what can the Bears still do to build around hiim?

Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams
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There is absolutely zero doubt the Chicago Bears are going to draft USC quarterback Caleb Williams no. 1 overall in the 2024 NFL Draft.

At this point, the Bears are operating as though Williams is already an unspoken member of the team. There are no more questions to be asked. He's coming to Chicago.

The questions we should be asking, though, include topics like what the Bears can continue to do in order to prepare Williams for the most possible success early on.

Knowing he's going to be the pick at one, what else could the Bears do, either in the draft or free agency, to give Williams everything he needs?

1. Draft Joe Alt or Olumuyiwa Fashanu at pick no. 9

Darnell Wright is a staple at right tackle. But, the question still remains whether or not Braxton Jones can be the long-term answer on the left side. Don't get me wrong. Jones is a fine player. And, if the Bears roll into the season with him as the starting left tackle, I wouldn't be too worried.

However, if the opportunity presented itself for the Bears to upgrade the position, then you do it. Just as they did by moving Justin Fields in preparation to draft Williams, they have to use the same logic across the entire roster.

If Notre Dame's Joe Alt or Penn State's Olu Fashanu are available at pick no. 9, then the Bears should think long and hard before trading the selection. I understand having only four picks in the draft is tough, but both of these players could be difference makers for a very long time. If Alt is there, then it's a no-brainer. If it's just Fashanu that's left on the board, he's still going to be tough to pass on.

The Bears could be completely set at both tackle positions, and hopefully for the next several years to come. Williams would be protected on the outside, no doubt.