3 more moves Bears can make to give Caleb Williams everything he needs

We know he's the pick, so what can the Bears still do to build around hiim?

Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams
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2. Sign wide receiver Michael Gallup in free agency

The Bears are locked and loaded at wide receiver as far as their top two are concerned. D.J. Moore and Keenan Allen will be absorbing a whole lot of targets together. But, the Bears cannot ignore the rest of the depth chart. You need talent behind those two, whether you want to think about injuries or not.

At the moment, Tyler Scott would be the next man up, and he didn't show enough as a rookie to be relied upon as a WR2. Still out there, though, is former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Gallup. The 6-year veteran would be as good of a WR3 as the Bears could possibly find, at this point.

Gallup has had some injuries throughout his career, but he's also played in 86 games throughout his career. The sample size is rather large, and he's even put up a 1,000-yard season to his name. Gallup has always been your traditional outside receiver with the ability to make big plays, going up and getting the tough, 50/50 balls.