5 Major moves Ryan Poles must make to plan for the Chicago Bears 2024 season

Buffalo Bills v Chicago Bears
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The Chicago Bears have started the 2023-2024 season in what can only be said as the worst way possible. Losing every game so far this season, the team has started 0-4. Each game's loss is somehow worse than the last. With the hope around this team at an all-time low sometimes all that you can do is look towards the future.

Address the Chicago Bears coaching problem

After the Bears allowed the Denver Broncos in Week 4 to come back from a 28-7 defect many fans hoped this was going to be the final nail in the coffin and the Bears would move on from Head Coach Matt Eberflus. Unfortunately for most that didn't happen. The biggest reason why is most likely because the Bears head to Washington to play the Commanders on Thursday Night.

Letting go of your head coach on a short week isn't a smart move. Yes, moving on from the head coach will be better for the team, but whoever comes in to be the interim coach, either from the inside or outside the organization, is going to make that week's game even more unwinnable.

Win or lose the Chicago Bears should still move on from Matt Eberflus after the Commander's game. The Chicago Bears organization has never fired a coach mid-season but sometimes trying new things can't hurt. With Eberflus doing more harm than good at this point with the mini-bye week coming up it's a great time to make to move.