5 Major moves Ryan Poles must make to plan for the Chicago Bears 2024 season

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The Chicago Bears have options to use as interim coach

Once the Chicago Bears move on from Matt Eberflus the next question is who is going to be the interim head coach for the rest of the season, which at this point will still have 12 games left. For most teams when they fired the head coach the job goes to one of the coordinators. Unfortunately for the Bears, they currently only have two. Offensive coordinator Luke Getsy and special teams coordinator Richard Hightower.

Lots of times teams will go with their special teams coordinator in this situation due to them working with most of the roster giving them a good understanding of the team. The problem for the Bears is the lack of a defensive coordinator with Alan Williams walking away from the team during Week 3. That is going to be the biggest hurdle for both Getsy and Hightower.

Lots of Bears fans have floated the idea of bringing back former head coach of the Bears Lovie Smith as the interim head coach. This would be a pretty good move by the Bears if Smith is willing to do it. For starters, Smith is a defensive-minded coach who ran a very similar defense. So right there you have a guy with over ten years of NFL coaching experience and someone who can call the defense, while also allowing the current coordinators to do their thing.