5 Major moves Ryan Poles must make to plan for the Chicago Bears 2024 season

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Addressing the Chicago Bears trade deadline

This year's trade deadline for Poles is going to be very interesting mostly because he can make some serious shakeups for the team. There are really two guys on each side of the ball that Poles could be looking to trade away.

On the offensive side Poles could look to move both QB Justin Fields and WR Darnell Mooney. If Fields can continue to play even to %80 of what we watch against the Broncos his value will be the highest it can be. Teams like the Falcons, Jets, Raiders, and Patriots could all come calling and the Bears would probably get a second-round pick back for Fields

Mooney would have a ton of teams calling to try and add him to their roster. Teams like the Texans, Chiefs, Giants, and Colts could start a small bidding war over who gets him. I would expect the Bears to get anywhere from a 3-5 round pick for Mooney

Now on the Defensive side of the Ball, the Bears would be looking to trade away Jaylon Johnson and Yannick Ngakoue. Ngakoue is on a one-year deal that by all accounts is super expensive. Super Bowl-contending teams always look to bolster their pass rush heading into the trade deadline. Ngakoue could be the latest guy on this route. If the Bears agree to cover half or even more of his current cap hit a team would probably give a half-decent pick for him. Think late second early third.

Jaylon Johnson is an interesting one because I'm sure the Bears would love to lock him down long-term making sure they don't lose him but they might have to cut their losses and make the move away from him now. With this being his last season on his current deal he might walk come free agent time. Then the Bears lost him with nothing to show for it.

Teams like the Jags, 49ers, Ravens, and Eagles could all come calling, and for how old Johnson is and how good he has been the Bears might find themselves with an extra first-round pick.