5 Major moves Ryan Poles must make to plan for the Chicago Bears 2024 season

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Addressing the Chicago Bears offseason

Assuming Ryan Poles sticks around, at the end of the season, the Bears thank Lovie Smith for taking over the interim job and wish him on his way. Every Bears fan has a different person who they want as the next head coach. Names like Ryan Day, Ben Johnson, Eric Bieniemy, Jim Harbaugh, and countless others are all likely to be the top names.

However, the feeling is the Chicago Bears are going to look the bring in an offensive-minded coach like the four listed above. Whoever it is the hope is Poles find the right guy to lead the Bears to a Super Bowl and also can develop a QB into a true superstar.

The Next order of business is the free-agent market and who to go after. Realistically the Bears and Poles should look to bring in a top edge rusher, either a top tackle, guard, or center, a decent-looking wideout two and a corner to help fill the void left by Johnson. With a ton of cap space for the second year in a row, this really shouldn't be a problem for the Bears when trying to sign top players.