5 Major moves Ryan Poles must make to plan for the Chicago Bears 2024 season

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Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams
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Addressing the Chicago Bears 2024 NFL Draft

Right now as it stands the Bears are currently on pace to have not just the number one pick in the draft but the second pick as well due to having the Carolina Panther first-round pick. If both teams stay bad enough through the year and the Bears finish with this only good things should happen.

At the top of the draft, the just happens to be a pretty good QB by the name of Caleb Williams. Now there have been a lot of rumors saying that Williams might return to college if the team with the number one pick isn't a team he wants to go to, but till that statement comes out of his mouth into a microphone we have to look at that statement as false and he will declare for the draft.

There also happens to be one of the best wideouts to come out of college since maybe Larry Fitzgerald in Mariv Harrison Jr. The thought of pairing those two guys up would start to send fear around the NFC North division. Harrison Jr. does not have to be the number 1 guy right away due to the Bears already having D.J. Moore.


With those two guys for Williams to throw to and hopefully a further improved O-Line due to the additions in free agency and the draft, the Bears should look to be in a really good spot heading into the 2024 season.