4 moves by Ryan Poles wishes he could have back after 0-2 start

The Bears are 0-2 and above all else, one man can be to blame

Chicago Bears, Ryan Poles
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2. Passing on Jalen Carter

Speaking of draft capital, the Bears could have stayed put at pick no. 9 in this year's draft and taken Georgia defensive lineman Jalen Carter. Instead, they traded back just one spot with the Philadelphia Eagles and allowed them to snag Carter.

Through two weeks, there may not be a more impressive interior lineman in the league than the rookie in Philly. Carter has been downright dominant in his first two NFL games.

In Week 1 against the New England Patriots, Carter finished with eight quarterback pressures by himself. The Bears, as a team, finished with just six on the day against the Green Bay Packers. In two games, the Bears have just one sack collectively. That's good for second-to-last behind only the New York Giants who have none.

The Bears' defensive line has been in rough shape to begin the year, not doing a whole lot to get to the quarterback. In Week 2, they were able to pressure Baker Mayfield but looked hilarous trying to bring him down. Mayfield was not sacked at all in that game.

Taking Carter certainly would have changed the entire vibe of this defense, but the Bears passed on arguably the best player in the draft.