4 moves by Ryan Poles wishes he could have back after 0-2 start

The Bears are 0-2 and above all else, one man can be to blame

Chicago Bears, Ryan Poles
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3. Failing to land a top free agent tackle

Let's stay in the trenches, shall we? Last year, the Bears drafted offensive tackle Braxton Jones in the fifth round. He came in and won the starting left tackle job after an impressive offseason and training camp. Then, he played fairly well throughout the season as a rookie, keeping that job going into this year.

But, this season, Jones has not been great. While he's had some impressive pass sets at times, he's also had his fair share of moments where edge defenders have gone by him with ease. Not to mention, Jones has been flagged for a whopping five penalties in just two weeks. That is just plain unacceptable.

Over the offseason, Chicago had their chance to sign one of a few offensive tackles in free agency. But, slowly they watched as those names were signed elsewhere. Poles came up short on landing those potential targets, opting to keep Jones as his starter and looking toward the draft to fill right tackle.

To be fair, Darnell Wright has played pretty well through two games. But, imagine if the Bears had drafted Carter instead, while signing at least one top tackle in free agency. This team could look a whole lot different in the trenches, and in a good way.