Why the Chicago Bears must draft Adetomiwa Adebawore and a mock draft selecting him

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Chicago Bears, Adetomiwa Adebawore
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The Chicago Bears will likely need to trade up for Adetomiwa Adebawore

What will augur well for Adebawore as an NFL player is something Rod Marianelli pointed out when he was on WSCR. He talked about how it is best to keep it simple for players. He advised giving them one role. This allows them to limit what they need to focus on which enables them to think less so they can play harder and faster.

If you apply this to Adebawore, given his work ethic intelligence, and his collection of off-the-chart physical traits, he could, very well, turn into an elite NFL player at some point. To back this up it was mentioned in this CHGO Bears video that the Eagles GM, Howie Roseman loves Adebawore. This GM knows his business as the Eagles had one of the most talented NFL rosters in 2022 as they went to the Super Bowl.

This gets us to the tricky part of how to acquire Adebawore after the Bears, hopefully, use the 9th pick in the draft for Paris Johnson Jr. Once again the idea is for the Bears to make an extra effort for their top two draft picks to have the potential to become elite players at premium positions. So this means they will have to give up some draft capital. Giving up some draft capital does not stop the Bears from acquiring starters for other needs on their defense. The Bears can if needed fix their two important remaining needs, pass rusher and cornerback with free agents.