Chicago Bears must have interest in signing Yetur Gross-Matos in free agency

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The Chicago Bears will have to make some additions to the defensive line in NFL free agency this offseason. One name to keep an eye on is Yetur Gross-Matos. What would Gross-Matos bring to the Bears in free agency?

Should Chicago Bears sign Yetur Gross-Matos in free agency?

Gross-Matos was a former second-round pick in the 2020 NFL draft. He did not play much for the Panthers as a rookie but had a solid pass-rush win rate. He played about the same number of snaps in 2021, and while he was efficient, an ankle injury impacted his effectiveness. 

In 2022, he came back and was healthier than ever, but went from 3.5 sacks back to 2.5 sacks. Lastly, in 2023, he ended up missing more time than any other year with a hamstring injury. 

On the plus side, he was playing for a bad team, and now he is 25 years old and hitting free agency healthy. While he does not have the stats or production to make a lot of money, that would make him a perfect fit for the Chicago Bears. 

Yetur Gross-Matos has moved up and down the line and has over 200 career snaps as an interior lineman, mostly used as a pass rusher. That, along with 76 snaps in coverage, including 52 last year, shows a versatile player who can stunt, twist, and play up and down the line. 

Based on what the Bears did this year and what Eric Washington did with the Buffalo Bills, Yetur Gross-Matos is a great scheme fit. 

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The Chicago Bears need depth at edge rushers in the worst way. Gross-Matson has not broken out but has proven to be a trusted rotational edge rusher who would be a solid addition in free agency.