3 must-see videos from Chicago Bears training camp so far

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Eddie Jackson knows this year, things are different

Last year, Bears fans would have been correct to assume that the 2022 campaign would be a throwaway, for lack of a better term. With Ryan Poles coming in and taking over a mess of a roster, having to sort through some aging veterans and financial hardships, the wise Bears fans knew it would be a year before we saw exactly what Poles' plan was.

Now, after such a massive offseason in 2023, the Bears' roster looks totally different and has tremendous upside and talent all over the board. One veteran who's been here for both good and bad years, safety Eddie Jackson, sees a major difference in how the Bears are operating this year versus last.

For the fans who have followed along all throughout training camp, they can attest to reading the content from those in attendance and from watching the videos, that this year is indeed a different vibe.

It helps when you have more talent, sure. But, the guys who have been here probably see this team as one on the rise and are buying into Matt Eberflus and the rest of the coaching staff. It's been a phsyical camp. It's been grueling. Eberflus is a military man, for those who know, and he doesn't run an easy camp. These guys run.

But for a leader like Jackson to come out and speak so firmly on what the vibe is during camp ... it speaks volumes. Jackson has bounced back to being closer to the player he was when he came into the league, thankfully, and seeing him take this type of leadership role has been a breath of fresh air.

Jackson is locked in, and so are the rest of his peers.

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