3 must-win games for the Chicago Bears in 2023

The Chicago Bears must find a way to win these three games to have any chance at success in 2023.

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Chicago Bears, Bryce Young
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Chicago Bears Schedule: Week 10 vs. Carolina Panthers

Ever since the Bears and Panthers made that trade back in March that sent the first overall pick to Carolina and a hall of draft picks and D.J Moore to the Bears, this game was likely circled by both teams (once they found out they were playing each other). If you are a Panthers fan you want to win this game to show that the Chicago Bears made a mistake in not taking Bryce Young first overall. However, other than that, the only reason you want to win that game if you are the Panthers is to give Chicago a worse pick in the first round of the 2024 draft.

Now, if you are the Chicago Bears there are a lot more reasons why this is more of a must-win game. The first reason is pretty much just the opposite reason that the Panthers are going to be pushing for the win. If the Bears win, that means a better draft pick. However, they also want to show that by not taking Bryce Young, the team is better for it. The second and more important reason is going to be more personal for one player, that being D.J. Moore.

If there is going to be a statement-type game for D.J. Moore this season, this will be the game. Think back to last season when the Eagles played the Titans and A.J. Brown went off. That's the type of game D.J. might have. Over his five seasons with the Panthers, Moore never had a true superstar talent at the QB spot. If he can ball out with Fields in that game, that says to the Panthers' organization that they made a mistake in never getting him one and this is his true talent.

The second reason Moore is going to want to ball out is because the team that drafted him and gave him a big contract only a year earlier shipped him away so they could go get a different guy. Yes, the NFL is a business and this is a business move and I think Moore understands that, but there might be that little extra fire to say I'm that guy and not him.