5 Chicago Bears on the naughty list this Christmas

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As we get into the Christmas spirit, there is always the naughty and nice list. With the Chicago Bears sitting below .500 once again, it is easy to find a group of players worthy of being on the naughty list. Which players deserve this title the most after such a tough season?

5. Lucas Patrick has been the biggest liability on the Chicago Bears 

This is the one that everyone is going to agree with. Lucas Patrick has been a complete dud since the Chicago Bears signed him. The Bears only signed him because he had a good relationship with Luke Getsy going back to the Green Bay Packers. Maybe that tells you what you need to know about Getsy. 

Still, the signing has been a dud. In his first year, he got hurt, and when he did play, it was bad. This year, you have to blame Ryan Poles more than him. There was no reason to go into the season with him having this much of a chance to be the starting center, but they did it. Now, they are paying the price. 

Patrick has been a huge liability. This hurts more in recent weeks because the rest of the line has come together. When you see Braxton Jones, Darnell Wright, Teven Jenkins, and Nate Davis, you see the plan starting to come together. With Lucas Patrick, you see a player stand out as the weak link. The Chicago Bears have to address this issue in the offseason, but for now, he is on the naughty list.